Recommended training for PMI Certifications

PMI offers a range of inclusive certifications for project managers from all fields and education levels. Currently, there are eight different credentials offered by PMI that are globally recognized. PMI certifications can easily be transferred across industries and borders. Having these certifications highlights the skills of an individual at business analysis and the ability to work efficiently with the shareholders of the organizations, meeting requirements and achieving organizational targets.Having PMI certifications raises your chances of being promoted into advanced levels of project management fields. Candidates with any of these certifications can expect better salary and a safe career in this field.

All the certifications under the PMI title require a great deal of preparation. Candidates must cover several topics and concepts of project management and business analysis. Below are some recommended training and preparation ways for PMI certification exams.

PMI knowledge shelf:

The official PMI site offers a knowledge shelf where you can read articles from experienced project managers regarding all the topics important for the PMI certification exams. The knowledge shelf has articles for all the PMI certification covering a range of topics. Visitors of the site have access to most of the articles, however if you are looking forward to detailed references you would have to earn the membership.

Important books:

For each certification exam, there are several books available by some famous authors covering a range of topics.The PMBOK guide by Dr. Frank Anbari provides you key concepts with above 200 questions. This book covers all the project management information areas. The answers of the multiple choice questions are available on the backside of the book.The five minute interview by Richard H Beatty is another good book with critical information regarding the objectives and demands of employers.Project management by Harold Kerzner, a systems approach to planning and controlling edition number ten is a book with a range of case studies, discussions, professional views about the project management and multiple choice questions. A book by Charles L. Budd and Charlene is also famous for its business reports, and topics covering both government and corporate business professionals.

Going through these books ensure that you have build a strong base with the basic concepts of project management.

Boot camp:

Learning in a classroom setting benefits you the most. There are different boot camps designed to practice all the basics of PMI certifications. A boot camp allows you to discuss different topics with your instructors and individuals from different business expertise. There are volunteers from professional project managing status to assist the candidates with their experience and information. Among the various PMI boot camp providers International Institute for learning, PMI’s data base of registered Education and training providers are the most recommended ones. RMC and Cheetah learning providers are also famous. It is advised to take the boot camp at least a week before you are going to take the exam.

Online training platforms:

For most people a boot camp wouldn’t sound like a convenient option. Other than boot camp there are several online training courses available providing study materials as well as taking quizzes.PMI offers online learning and training options with instructor led preparation and sample quizzes. Other than that a good online training platform is the Udemy. Here you can learn through the experience of project managers from all around the globe and recognized authors.

Video based training:

Video based training is a famous learning option. You are presented with a set of topics and each topic has a video based training option which covers all the core concepts giving you information from the reference of recognized authors. There are also video project related video quizzes. You can always see the video again during the quiz.

Instructor led Seminar:

PMI offers instructor led seminars. The course includes discussions and questions, assignments and quizzes assisted by some of the qualified teachers. The format of the course includes graphic and audio presentations. There are individual and group assignments, partner based exercises, self tests and case studies.

The time period of the course depends on the certification you are applying for. This seminar is useful for it has classmates from all around the globe implying that you can exchange information with project managers of different experiences.The above mentioned are some of the most recommended and proven ways to prepare for any of the PMI certification. Your clarity of concepts regarding each topic of business analysis is what is going to help you through the test.

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