Prince2 certification- why and how to pass it.

In the wake of target-oriented corporate ambience and highly desired profit rates, a need for susceptible and detailed methodology for management of projects have become essential. This is where Prince2 fits.An acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environment (2NDedition), it is a world class international standard that applies a process based approach to churn out the best well-controlled project decorum suitable for every kind of project.

How did it all begin?

An original development by the United Kingdom following an urge to systematise project handling with minimal resource depletion, Prince2 carved its niche to almost every corner of corporate world where project management was a prerequisite tosuccess. It is the 2ndedition to Prince which was initially developed in 1989 by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) as a UK Government standard to handle IT management projects.

How does it work?

In Prince2, the approach lies in integrated making of project supporters and leaders via two levels of examination-The foundation level and the practitioner level. Let us take a quick look at the qualification scheme and know about the arena of work of the both levels:

The Foundation Level

This level teaches the basic principles, methods, processes and the terminology descripted behind efficient project handling. The exam is closed book and the student needs to have minimum 50% score to achieve certification for this level. Oncecertified, the person is now eligible to take part in project making and have a substantial say in it.

The Practitioner level

The major prerequisite for clearing this level is the achievement of the Foundation Level tests the implication abilities of the exam giver based on the comprehension of the principles and methodologies. The minimum percentage to pass this test is 55%. The acquisition of the certificate (which lasts for a period of 5 years) makes the person eligible to lead projects and handle project intendancies scenario.

Professional level

To alleviate the degree of refinement in the field of projects, the accredited body for Prince2 provided a high level evaluation method to segregate the candidates willing to refine their qualification. This examination provides a 2.5 days residential assessment where the candidate is given a noncomplex project in a team and is evaluated on group activities and a non-fictional case study.

Training in Prince2

There are two ways to take the examination – either through a paid training course in the accredited training organisation through the Accredited Training organisation (ATOs) licensed by APM or through self-learning and registering in APM’s group website and being allotted a public centre. In India, British Council handles the issues of centre allotment for the examinations. However the exam is taken on ad hoc basis and the service desk of APM should be contacted four weeks earlier.

Why opt for Prince2 certification?

Though there are several evaluation techniques to refine project analysis skill, Prince2 conquers to be the best among all and provides the following dominating factors over the others:

1.Trusted method of application : it has been the dominating methodology for project management in UK for years.Various companies have invested time and resources in it only to double the chances of profit rates. Since its commencement, itis the de facto method to deal with the ever changing projects of every field in UK without fail.

2.Highly customisable and scalable : Every project comes with different guidelines, targets,budgets objectives and employees. The need to tailor the methodologies, principles and processes according to varying demands is accomplished by this follows a “no-how-to” approach and changes dynamically with changing projects.

3.Easy to use : though training courses require a nominal fee, the execution and operation of the projects demands zero administration or support fees. This method is completely free of cost and nurtures the potential to double up the chances of success rates through successful implementation.

4.Stakeholderfriendly : a successful projects counts intelligent resource usage and maximum satisfaction to the sponsors and stakeholders. Through its planned process approach,Prince2 succeeds in achieving the dual target.

5.Increases job efficiency :Certifying in Prince2 over any level and gaining technical experience proves to be a glorious feather on the cap for a CV. Not only in interviews, but it helps the employee handle the project management issues very well in the long run.

It is there, it is working, it is ruling. The unprecedented heir of the project management techniques continues to impose the tyranny – with undying support.

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