How pass PHR certification with one month preparation

Professional human resource certification is a certification for obtaining a professional way ahead in the hr field. PHR certification is designed for those individuals who are liable to some other professional in hr department with a minimum of two years of experience in hr but now wish to promote. If you fall into this scenario you are eligible to apply for the PHR certification exam.

other than that, the requirements and eligibility criteria of applying for the PHR certification is either having a masters degree in the hr field with a minimum experience of 1 year as a professional in HR body or a bachelors degree with a minimum of 2 years of experience as professional hr position. If you have none of the above mentioned degrees, you would need a high school diploma with a minimum experience of 4 years to be eligible for this exam.

Preparation course:

The phr exam is based on the general hr principles. However, to prepare for the PHR exam memorizing the information alone is not enough. The exam also includes some critical question to check if you are able to practically apply the basic hr principles in a real life situation.

The preparation process for this exam can be easily adjusted to your learning style. You can choose if you want to practically experience the concepts or learn them through guides and practice exams. There is a wide range of material available for the preparation of this exam. There is no fixed best method, the more resources you will use the better you can build your base with the basics of hr. before mentioning the resources through which you can prepare within a month, and following are the six sections your exam is based on:

In the business management section the topics to cover are hr management and business skills, strategic planning, evaluating external and internal environment, role of hr in the organization and regulatory and legislative environment.

Work force employment and planning includes the privacy and protection of consumer and employee rights, documentation and job analysis, flexible staffing, recruitment and retention and organizational hiring requirements.

This is the most important section of the exam for which you must prepare the basic principles of adult motivation and learning, development and training, development initiatives in the organization and performance management.

In this area the terms you need to familiarize yourself with are: benefit programs and evaluating compensation, compensation system, and legislation benefits.

Unfair practices of labor, complaint and discipline resolution and employee labor legislation.

Prepare in a month:

Books are the best resource material for the preparation of PHR certification. As most of the information you need to pass this exam is theoretical, it is important to learn through some recognized books. Some of the authors most famous for PHR concepts are:

Other than these the PHR study guide by reed, hr review and SHRM learning system are some famous learning materials. Once you go through the books, you have already made a strong ground with the basic concepts. The next step would be experiments and practice tests.

Experiential study:

This part of your preparation is more practical experience based. As HR means connecting and building relationships with the labor, customers and employers it is important to learn about all this dealing and interaction. For PHR learning you can build formal and informal relationship as mentoring, you can interview some hr professionals, survey a situation etc. finally you can refer to some professionals in the hr body to guide you through.

Social groups:

For students you are self studying, social groups can be of quite benefit. In the social groups like SHRM, ASHHRA and CUPA you can exchange the information you have with the HR professionals you will assist you regarding all the concepts and facts of HR. You can easily connect with HR professionals through this platform.

Online practice exams:

To be sure that all your concepts regarding the HR are clear now, you can now take the assessment tests online in the final week before the exam. This allows you to assess your skills, understanding and knowledge. With the test score you can judge your weak points and the information you may not have yet covered. There are several online tests available. For PHR you can take the PHR Online assessment exam.

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