What do you need to study for excellent outcome in MCSE certification?

The success stories of Microsoft cease to be tamed. With its wide spread of followership and authenticated and approved certifications, this company have, in no time, proved its mettle and churned out trusted certification like the MCSE.Microsoft is currently offering umpteen of certifications packed in three series: Architect Series, Technology Series, and Professional Series. Each field reserves different objectives for a professional in both administrative and technical terms.

MCSE, short for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is a specialization examination that embarks a candidate’s proficiency in the computer networking world. Known best to help efficiency in the IT sector, it is taken all over the world by people from strikingly different professions to delineate and improve their work skill. Microsoft conducts a total of seven examinations out of which five are compulsory while two are elective. Each exam attempt costs around 125 USD and can change depending upon taxes and countries.


A MCSE certification attempt requires at least one year prior experience in the It sector to be able to grab a job on the grounds of the certification. This kind of job is best suited to system analysts or the people, who design, configure or trouble-shoot networking systems in a company. Following benefits are availed with a MCSE certification:

1. A MCSE certified professional get a MCSE logo, lapel pins, transcript and a wallet card.

2. It proves to be a great asset to IT professionals.

3. Once certified and successful, professional also get invited for formal training sessions and Microsoft conferences which provides a wide platform for exposure in work experiences and increases the network.

4. Once passed, a MCSE certified professional can also get a discount of up to 50 % on Microsoft TechNet or its higher versions. However, this facility is valid only till first year of the certification.

5.Successful certified MCSE professionals get to learn about Microsoft technologies and products that improved product knowledge and keeps one updated in the ever changing IT market.

Steps to achieve excellent outcomes

Benefits of a MCSE are huge but it is a work which needs time, effort and sweat shedding. Certain facts should be kept in mind while choosing to give the exam a try. Let’s take a look on a few of them:-

1.Measure the waters : Those candidates who are a complete newbie in the business and are not sure of their proficiency in the first attempt can first go for certification exams like that ofMicrosoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) which is comparatively easier and can make a base to tackle complex network technologies required in MCSE. This will work dually-increase confidence and elevate qualification.

2.Power of self-study : If you cannot be spoon fed by the instructor’s “diet food”, then studying on your own is the thing for you. However it should be taken care that it is a “double-edged sword”. One needs to be remain highly motivated to tackle the leaning processes and schedule each day by distributing and practicing different topics but on the other side it is beneficial too. One does not need to depend on anybody during studying by the grit.

3.Choose the right aid : It is undoubtedly the parameter that decides the success rate in any examination. MCSE certification requires certain aids to be purchased – a training kit which includes a study guide, CD, exercises and practice papers. Microsoft Publisher provides similar requirements with high efficiency rate. However, reading is not enough. One needs to get an exam simulator which makes an environment of an exam with proper analysis of right and wrong answers. There are dozens of certification preparation kits in the market with the famous ones of Transcender Cert.

4.Set up a network : It is very essential to get hands on practice to deal with administrative issue once certified. A home network needs to be set up to practice problems involving servers and clients. It requires a server system and a workstation with accompanying operating system and a stub link.

Many people Take the MCSE certification for several different reasons like for better pay scale, higher position etc. You can earn such things if you have the MCSE certification. You really need to work hard. A successful certified MCSE professional can earn anywhere around 75000 USD per annum to begin with. It is the yearning to grow which counts. It is a goal worth fighting for as Microsoft quotes famously, ”Be what’s next.”

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