What types of questions to expect in MCP CERTIFICATION ?

Microsoft certified professional certification is an information technology certification meant for beginners and specializes only on Microsoft product. It’s important to note that MCP certification commands great respect in the field of information technology since it’s is the most recognized credential in that particular field. MCP certification showcases ones technical knowledge in dealing with Microsoft technologies, for instance you can install and configure and troubleshoot windows application and manage resources within the operating system.

MCP certifications starts with the basic level which requires one to pass a single exam consisting of 40-90 multiple choice questions to be completed within a duration of 2-3 hours. The single exam is usually an operating system test like windows Xp. But first you have to register for the exam and there two ways of doing so

Basically MCP certification covers installation and complete implementation of Microsoft windows and the server version of the windows. At the end of the program MCP certification seek to ensure an understanding of the practical knowledge on Microsoft operating system and its applications.

There are other Microsoft certification which specializes in different areas in IT for instance there is Microsoft certified database administrator (MCDBA) which deals with database administration and Microsoft certified solution developer (MCSD) is meant for software development . MCP certification is the initial level in Microsoft certification after which you may decide to further your skills by proceeding to higher level certification.

Types of question in MCP certification

With changing time Microsoft as continued to introduce new testing technologies and question types incorporating them in the exam without prior notice. In doing this Microsoft aims at reflecting the application of Microsoft technologies in the real world.

Process of an exam development

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