Career options with ISTQB certification

First it is important to understand that ISTQB certification is basically a program meant for practitioners in the software testing field or new comers interested in venturing in to the software testing profession. ISTQB certification has three major levels that is the foundation level which is the initial level, advanced level and the expert level which is the final level meant for the leaders in the software testing profession. Each level prepares and equips an individual with specific skills which shapes an individual career path.

Foundation level

The name speaks for itself, it seeks provide the foundation for an aspiring software testing practitioner. It ensures one understands the fundamental knowledge in software testing. These basics are quite vital in shaping ones career path.

Advanced level

As previously stated this is the mid level and it has more advanced knowledge on software testing than the foundation level. This level is less generalized compared to the previous one since it establishes and focuses on specific roles in software testing which are: advance test manager, advanced test analyst and technical test analyst.

Advanced level- test manager

Advanced-test analyst

Advanced –technical test analyst

Expert level

This the final level in ISTQB certification which seeks to expand and develop expertise in specific testing skills discussed in the advanced level. For instance advanced level test manager is split in to test management and improving the test process while advanced technical test analyst is factored in to test automation and security testing.

Expert-test management

Generally speaking ISTQB certification provides a software testing professional with a wide career opportunities since it provides one with relevant knowledge and credential. There are numerous Career options for an ISTQB certified personnel since in this modern time most businesses have embraced technology in their day to day operation. This in simpler terms means huge investment in software which when not performing as required could have disastrous effects. This is where a software testing practitioner comes in to the picture to verify their authenticity and ensure that they meet the technical requirement of a business according to specification given during its design.

Specific careers available to an ISTQB certified personnel

Another crucial aspect of software testing career entails ensuring that end users of a software product are able to use and adapt to it. The above careers are just a glimpse of the numerous opportunities available for an individual with an ISTQB certification

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