What topics are must to pass CCNA exam

To pass the CCNA exam, you have to cover a wide range of networking topics. Although it is important to cover and understand the concept of each topic, there are six extremely important topics for CCNA certification and for targeting any kind of employment in the field of networking.

OSI model:

OSI model (the open system interconnection) is basically a concept which encircles the communication concerning the Network systems by separating the system into different abstraction layers. The entire Cisco hardware revolves around this model thus making it very important to understand all the seven layers of OSI model in order to clear the CCNA exam.

The seven layers of OSI model are:

  1. Data link Layer
  2. Physical layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Presentation layer
  5. Session Layer
  6. Application layer
  7. Transport layer

You must familiarize yourself with how each layer works and interacts with one another. OSI model is the basic as well as the most important topic you must prepare for the CCNA exam.


The internet protocol and Transmission control protocol are two different protocols in networking system however they are used together to explain the data transmission model supported by the LAN and Internet.

The IP refers to the network layer mentioned in the OSI model and the TCIP corresponds to the transport layer of the OSI model.


The IPv6 is the latest internet protocol revision. Although the topic of IP has already been mentioned, IPv6 is separately pointed out as it is operated as a separate part of the exam for covering a larger concept than IP.

Furthermore, the basic idea of IPv6 concept is to provide more different IP addresses by using about eight groups for four hexadecimal numbers. By now the Ipv4 covers the widest Internet traffic but the Internet needs new IP addresses to divide the load.

IPv6 configures most of the business networks as it can be relied on for unlimited scalability and WAN configuration.

It is very important that you understand the concept and use of IPv6 for it covers a significant part of the exam.


Cisco highly depends on the concept of subnetting to enhance the performance of the system and to easily diagnose the faulty sections. Subnetting is a network procedure which breaks the large components of the network into smaller ones. Each of the subnet works with a distinctive IP address and the parts of each subnet has common values. There are two purposes of a subnet. The first one is to break the larger components into smaller ones so that it is easier to analyze the performance issues. Secondly, with subnetting you can maintain the performance of a specific section without affecting the other sections which makes the network in whole.

For subnetting you must take practical training as well as go through some of the recommended books to better understand of the whole concept of subnetting.

Network Address Translation (NAT)

NAT more commonly known as Network Address Translation is used to connect two different IP networks with different addressing. It is a procedure which transforms the information of an IP address in Ipv4 while transmitting through a network.

The topic of NAT is important as it used to access distant networks by the workers. NAT allows the users of smart phones and tablet users to connect with a network, even if they are using a different type of IP network at that time. This is achieved by using routers able to configure an incoming IP address to go with something identifiable by the network.

CCNA exams also include the complex usage of NAT. It is important that you learn very specifically all the uses and working of NAT including the VLAN concept.

Wireless Access

The technology and concept of wireless is one important part of this exam. Cisco stresses a lot on the understanding and uses of wireless as the modern business rely on this technology more than ever.

For CCNA exam, you must know how to describe the fundamentals of WLAN, how to install a wireless cisco LAN, how to add wireless clients, operate WCS, basic WLAN troubleshooting and maintenance.

For preparation regarding the wireless access you use the cisco press book By Brandon JamesCCNA Wireless Official exam certification guide.

The above mentioned topics must be covered if you want to pass the CCNA exam with a good score. Also, if you are familiar with these topics and their concepts you can benefit more than just passing the CCNA.

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