How CAPM can be game changer for project managers?

The full form of CAPM is Certified Associate in Project Management. It itself clearly address that it is all related to the management of the project. Since it is all about the management of the project this is somehow, obviously, going to be pious rules for the entire project manager.

CAMP is just another change version of PMP examination. When you are preparing for CAMP you are basically getting accustomed with lots of issues that are very much important for the career of project manager. It is basically focused for the upgrade of the project manager .The syllables of the examination covers the entire session of the real project. Further not just the theory part the CAPM certification inbuilt some real time questions which an inexperienced project manager can no way answer. But apart from all there are few important topics that the CAPM certification exam holds and thus makes this exam a game changer for the project manager. The main important 9 rules that the CAMP students need to get is

1) Scope of project

2) Quality of project

3) Cost of the project

4) Human resource needed in the project

5) Communication studies

6) Risk and procurement studies

7) Execution of the project

8) Monitoring of the projects

9) Controlling and closing

With his understanding over the scope of the project he will be able to see how beneficial and productive his project can be. The quality of the work that the project needs is a general idea but a must idea for everyone. Every project is a budget sensitive. If a project manager knows about this and knows how to make it easy and budget flexible, definitely that project is going to be way successful. Every project stands on the quality and the number of human resources needed. If a project manager understands and maintains this important part of the project, he is definitely taking the project to some reasonable height. A good co-coordinator can influence a project. A CAPM study governs this area of co-ordination and sharpens the project manager quality.

Risk management is perhaps one of the most sensitive issues in project that every project manager has to face.IN CAPM it is dealt in detail so as to ensure that the project manager can just handle those issues pretty well when the project demands it. Now a project manager knows that , project is not just about initiating it and let it move on. The execution it needs and the timely monitoring that it demands to ensure the well-being of the project is something a successful project manager needs to have and it is CAPM that grants them the quality. Monitoring is one of the sensitive issues as it deals with the smallest issues in the project to the largest issues that might arise. CAPM not only makes a project manager deal with the real issues during the tenure but also make him exactly understand how to deal with the phases and services cases in any project. There are also several complications that might arise in a project as a risk. A project manager who is not certified with CAPM will not be able to cope up with the serious risks that might come in the way to project but the one who has will be prepared for it as he has been taught well. Further CAPM includes the closing and managing sections of the projects. Practically also it has been seen that the one who doesn’t take CAMP certification have failed to successfully handle the complications that come at the end of the closing period of the project.

A project is in total a sum of understanding, investing , executing, monitoring and then finally closing. All these phases are well addressed in the syllables of CAPM. They are not just added as the theory but rather the CAPM ensures that the project manager gets to understand it in a very practical way.

Now isn’t this all a perfect project manager has to know to nail the project right .If he is expert in handling all of these 9 scopes in a very smart way he is obviously going to be a game changed project manager. So that is why a person who has completed high school degree and has worked as project manager for 1500  hours can join CAPM just to be one hell of a game changer in the future project

So it is definitely much important certification for the candidates who are looking forward a career for a project manager.

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