The roadmap to a successful business analyst certification

Deafening sounds at project discussions, fiery negotiations with the stakeholders and the inevitable chaos of meeting the company’s requirements-this is what business analytics are dealt with. It is the work zone in which diagrams are analyzed, profit –loss ratios are calculated, intricate problems regarding business success are resolved to bear an amalgamation of brains that can produce a worthy corporate success story. The big step that aspiring business analysts aim for is achieving a certification for being a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). It is a professional certification, which provides an edge to employees to provide business solutions in a company. Since its evolution on November 2006, it has been providing a competitive edge to various candidates in an industry as challenging and dynamic as ever. A certified CBAP possesses the skills to sort business issues, data analysis and centralized tasks to get a better bird-eye view of the operation of the entire company.

What does being a CBAP require?

There are certain prerequisites that a candidate should tally before working to get verification in business analytics. This space is all about unwrapping right folds at the right time. The candidate should possess interest or at least should have an appreciable knowledge in the following areas:

1. Knack for diagrams: Because business is all about flow charts, progress report graphs and case and component diagrams.

2. Negotiation skills: A successful business analyst is identified by the ability to turn the tables. Not only with the dealers or stakeholders, but it is also important to hold the negotiations handy to integrate various departments in order to work in harmony.

3. A good listener: A good business analyst should listen, not hear. Listening and rectifying to the issues and sparks among various employees and departments is crucial to smooth execution of the targets.

Mapping the road to certification

Step 1: Acquaint yourself with the requirements The certification process for CBAP require some “must haves” that need to be taken care of before considering attempting for the examination. The applicant must meet the following deciding criterions for the exam:-

Reading the application form very carefully is one of the most essential steps. It includes the frameworks, guidelines and format of the examination that helps an amateur applicant to know the depth of the waters and set afoot accordingly.

Step 2: Power puffed Study material There are umpteen of study materials spread online to crack CBAP, prioritise and select your type. All types of online courses or tried and trusted books leads to the ultimate source of preparing CBAP-the BABOK. Short for Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, it is a written guide provided by the IIBA that gives a deep insight over the entire knowledge areas and their significance in various work activities. A trustworthy study source is the one that provides an aid to the examination, be simplistic and enhance your existing skills.

Step 3: Know yourself and chalk out a schedule Every individual has a distinct sense to absorb knowledge. Some people get better data acquisition with visual aids while some prefer good old book readings. Realise your style and start chalking out a schedule following your preference of gaining knowledge. Your type of study style will decide the study material you acquire. Enhance the knowledge areas by polishing the preparation style.

Step 4 : Go low-tech : It might sound weird but many CBAP professionals have mutually recommended dumping the tech savvy learning aids and switching to using flashcard to crack the exam.

Step 5: Be “Practice Perfect”

Practice is the key to any examination. Use online CBAP simulators and go through sample papers. The more you sit and attempt, the more is the confidence acquired.

The success and the need for analysts in the markets is realised and valued. A successful CBAP can delve into many roles in an organisation and their value and expertise is being realised worldwide over the time, as the famous author Geoffrey Moore quotes,

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”

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