Why adwords certification is important

Adword certification is an internationally recognized program meant to teach people how to use adwords. An adword can be explained as money making online advertising service used by Google. The adword offer pay per click advertising, site-targeted advertising for banners, wealthy-media ads etc... In these modern times businesses are evolving towards adopting information technology this means that employers are looking for high qualified IT personnel. Such personnel should be professionally certified in their specific field. Google adwords certification program is one of the core certification for those keen in internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and web analytic industries.

Google adword certification is classified into two categories that is individual certification and company certification.

Individual certification

Individual certification requires no pre requisite education background. It is comprised of two main exams which one has to pass to acquire certification i.e. Google advertising fundamental exam and either the search advertising advanced exam or the display advertising exam. An individual adword certification demonstrates ones mastery of internet marketing and SEO.Adword individual certification is recommendable in the following instances; incase you are a specialist of pay per click or incase you are online marketing consultant.

Company certification

Company certification means that it’s a Adword certified partner. To achieve this status a company should meet the following requirement;

Importance of Google adword certification to an individual

Google adwords benefits to a company

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